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To Qualify for Low cost Safe Spay/Neuter Surgery:


1. Must be at least 12 weeks of age, & under 4 years old.
2. Must be less than 60 pounds
3. Must be healthy-if the doctor's pre-anesthetic exam finds your pet not healthy enough for surgery, you will only pay for the pre-anesthetic exam. You will be given a treatment plan outlining what your pet needs. If you elect to proceed with treatment, & once your pet is healthy, you will be given a credit equal to the pre-anesthetic exam fee that will be applied to spay/neuter surgery at our hospital.
4. No surgery on visibly pregnant patients
5. Client is responsible for providing an e-collar if needed to prevent patient self-trauma. You will be responsible for any exam fees or treatment fees that result from patients licking, chewing or otherwise traumatizing the surgery site. You may purchase an e-collar from us, or buy one from a pet store.
6. We require a $50.00 deposit at the time your appointment is made. You may do this over the phone or stop by our office. We accept cash or a credit card (NO American Express.) If you fail to keep your appointment, this deposit is non-refundable. If you are unable to keep your appointment & give at least 72 hours notice, you may reschedule without losing your deposit. If you need to cancel your appointment & give at least 72 hours notice, we will refund your deposit. "No shows" & last minute cancellations leave us with empty spaces that cannot be filled. As we are staffed based on surgery & other appointments, this greatly compromises our ability to provide such low fees, & it is not fair to other clients who are turned away because our schedule is full. Your deposit will be applied to your total invoice when you check in your pet on the day of surgery.
7. Payment in full for surgery is due at check-in on the day of surgery. We accept only cash or credit cards (NO American Express.) Checks will not be accepted.
8. Rabies vaccination is required, but can be done on surgery day. You will need to bring proof of rabies vaccination.

If your animal is outside of the above parameters for weight and age:

1. An exam with our doctor is required at an additional charge.
2. If approved for surgery by our doctor, pre-anesthetic blood tests are required at an additional charge.
3. Additional surgery fees may apply depending on weight over 60lbs.


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