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Fee Philosophy


Understanding Our Fees 

We will always present you what we believe to be the very best medical approach to maintaining your pet's good health. We are committed to caring for your pet(s) as if they were our own and feel it our obligation to provide you with the most progressive medical, surgical and dental care possible. We do not believe in a "one size fits all" approach to medicine. Instead, each medical plan is custom tailored by our veterinary team and built around the unique qualities and characteristics each patient presents to us.

The fee structure for such services are based upon the financial requirements for maintaining a highly skilled, caring and professional veterinary team; the convenience of in-house diagnostic laboratory and pharmacy, dedicated surgical and dental suite; as well as the equipment to provide the safest and most effective approach to veterinary anesthesia, pain management and patient monitoring. Our fees are structured to support this high-level of medical care and service.